Sony PlayStation 5 Mysteriously Caught Over Heated In a Retail Store

While we're waiting for Sony PlayStation 5 hit shelves (the preordered delivery date) next week November 12, but some folks has already got their hands on the console. And there's very important thing you need to know, probably may sound weird to you.

Sony PlayStation 5 Mysteriously Rumored Caught 'Over Heated' In a Retail Store

Yesterday, the PlayStation 5 hit the exhibition stands of some of the largest offline stores in the United States. A number of users took advantage of this opportunity, and one of them even managed to capture the moment when the console issued a message about overheating and the need to reboot to allow the console to cool down.

Sony PlayStation 5 Mysteriously Caught Over Heated In a Retail Store
Sony PlayStation 5 Mysteriously Caught Over Heated In a Retail Store

Some folks managed to interpret the incident as confirmation of a problem with the cooling outlet in the Sony PlayStation 5. But there is a possibility that we are not dealing with a manufacturer’s failure, but with the fact that the console worked in unfavorable conditions. The photo indicates that the console is in an enclosed glass, where there is not enough space for hot air to escape. It could be this that provoked the overheating of the console. Could that be a factory issue? Who knows..

According to one of the insiders, who managed to check the temperature regime of the three consoles PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. According to him, at peak load, the PlayStation 5 heats up to 65 °C. And this is the worst result among all three consoles.

Remember, to get rid of heat, the Sony PlayStation 5 is equipped with a 120 mm cooler, which is responsible for cooling both sides of the console. How effective it is in real life? we will learn from the first customer reviews, which may appear at the end of next week.


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